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36x48'' original painting

The painting captures a serene riverscape, where a sparkling river meanders through the heart of a lush forest. The water, crystal clear, reflects the brilliance of the sun overhead, creating a dazzling display of light and shimmer on its surface. Sunbeams dance across the gentle ripples, casting a mosaic of glittering reflections that captivate the eye.

In the background, a dense stand of evergreen trees stretches towards the sky, their deep green needles forming a striking contrast to the bright, reflective waters. Tall and majestic, these trees stand as silent sentinels, their branches swaying gently in the light breeze. The varying shades of green, from dark emerald to lighter moss, add depth and texture to the forest, creating a rich, layered backdrop.

On the riverbank, smooth stones and patches of grass edge the water, adding subtle details to the tranquil scene.




  • Original acrylic painting on gallery quality canvas

    signed front and back, ready to hang

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