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12x36''original painting


In the quiet embrace of a winter forest, nature transforms into a serene masterpiece under a blanket of pristine snow. The trees, adorned in their frosty white coats, stand as stoic guardians against the hushed landscape. The air is crisp, and a soft, purple-hued twilight bathes the world in a tranquil glow.

The setting sun, a fiery orb descending behind the skeletal branches, casts long shadows that stretch across the snow-covered ground. The once-green canopy is now a filigree of delicate snow-laden branches, catching the last rays of sunlight and turning the winter forest into a dreamscape of purple and silver.

As the sunlight filters through the snow-laden boughs, it refracts and scatters, creating a subtle play of purples and blues. The shadows, elongated and deep, add a touch of mystery to the scene, as if the forest is quietly whispering secrets to those who dare to wander through its silent expanse.

The snow beneath your feet emits a soft crunch with each step, and the only sounds that break the stillness are the occasional creaking of branches and the distant calls of winter birds. A sense of peace envelops the air, and the world seems to slow down as you witness the magical transformation of the winter forest.

This enchanted setting, with its snowy carpet, purple shadows, and the sun bidding a fond farewell behind the trees, invites you to linger and savor the beauty of a winter evening, where nature paints a masterpiece in the subtle hues of twilight.


Winter whispers (II) SOLD

  • Original acrylic painting on gallery quality canvas

    signed front and back, ready to hang

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