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36x48'' original painting


In this breathtaking painting, Morant's Curve comes alive with the rhythmic song of steel against the backdrop of the majestic Canadian Rockies. The snow-capped peaks stand sentinel as the train, a sleek iron serpent, winds its way through the curves with grace and power.

 The train's locomotive, adorned with the iconic colors and symbols of the railway, pulls a string of cars that disappear into the curve, creating a sense of mystery and anticipation.

The mountains, rendered in deeppurples and blues, cradle the tracks in their formidable embrace. Evergreen trees standtall along the hillsides.

As the train rounds Morant's Curve, it leaves behind a trail of echoing sounds . The atmosphere is filled with a sense of adventure, capturing the essence of railway travel through one of the most picturesque landscapes nature has to offer. "Coming around the mountain" is a celebration of the harmonious dance between human engineering and the untamed beauty of the Rockies.

Coming around the mountain

  • Original acrylic painting on gallery quality canvas

    signed front and back, ready to hang

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