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36x48'' original painting 


In this breathtaking painting of the Rocky Mountains, nature unfolds in a vibrant symphony of fall colors, creating a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of autumn's glory. Towering, rugged peaks stand proudly against a clear, cerulean sky, their rocky surfaces etched with the marks of time and weathering.

The mountains are adorned with a patchwork quilt of fall foliage, where emerald evergreens intermingle with deciduous trees ablaze in shades of crimson, gold, and amber. The transition from green to warm hues creates a mesmerizing gradient that cascades down the slopes, reflecting the changing seasons.

A dense forest surrounds the base of the mountains, its canopy alive with the fiery palette of autumn. Each tree is a brushstroke of color, contributing to the kaleidoscope that blankets the landscape. Sunlight filters through the leaves, creating a dappled effect that adds a touch of magic to the scene.

Winding its way through the forest, a meandering creek glints in the sunlight. The water reflects the surrounding colors, creating a mirror of the vibrant autumnal palette. The gentle babble of the creek harmonizes with the rustle of leaves, creating a soothing melody that pervades the air.

In the foreground, fallen leaves carpet the ground, creating a mosaic of reds, oranges, and yellows. The crisp, cool air carries the unmistakable scent of autumn, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the seasonal ambiance.

This painting of the Rocky Mountains in fall is a celebration of nature's transformation, where the majestic peaks, rich forests, and babbling creek converge in a canvas of warm and inviting hues, capturing the fleeting beauty of autumn in the mountainous wilderness.


Hilda creek (near Parker Ridge Rocky mountains)

  • Original acrylic painting on gallery quality canvas

    signed front and back, ready to hang

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