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36x48'' original painting


In the serene embrace of winter, a majestic painting unveils a pristine landscape where snow-covered mountain tops, towering pine trees, and a meandering river coalesce in a harmonious display of nature's grandeur. The mountains, their peaks cloaked in a pristine blanket of snow, rise stoically against a clear, azure sky.

The evergreen pine trees stand resilient against the winter chill.

Winding its way through the landscape, a river meanders with a graceful flow. The river's movement adds a dynamic element to the stillness of the snow-covered terrain, and the sound of its gentle flow becomes a soothing melody.

 The mountains, pines, and the river become part of a tranquil winter panorama, inviting contemplation and awe. The air is crisp and invigorating, carrying the unmistakable scent of pine and the pure essence of winter.

This painting encapsulates the serene beauty of a snowy mountain landscape, where the rugged peaks, the steadfast pines, and the meandering river converge to create a scene of tranquil majesty, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the peaceful grandeur of winter's embrace.


Reaching for the mountains

  • Original acrylic painting on gallery quality canvas

    signed front and back, ready to hang

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