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36x36'' original painting

In this enchanting painting, a magical forest comes to life, bathed in the soft radiance of bright light filtering through the pine boughs above. The trees stand tall and majestic, their branches creating a  canopy that allows  dappled sunlight to kiss the forest floor. The atmosphere is filled with a serene, otherworldly glow.

A gentle, light-speckled path winds through the heart of the forest, inviting exploration. On this enchanted trail, a small family takes a leisurely stroll, surrounded by the ethereal ambiance. The dappled light creates a mesmerizing play of shadows and highlights, enhancing the sense of wonder and tranquility that permeates the scene.

The pine trees, with their evergreen branches, exude a sense of timelessness, and the forest seems to cradle the family in a protective embrace. The air is filled with a quiet magic, inviting viewers to step into the painting and join the family on their journey through this enchanted woodland.


The road to Oz

  • Original acrylic painting on gallery quality canvas

    signed front and back, ready to hang

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